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Welcome to a life in love & colour

I have been thinking about adding a blog to the website for quite a while but I just never got round to it for one reason or another, so when it came to relaunching the business I decided that now is the time. This is my first ever blog so I can't pretend that I know what I'm doing, or that my writing style is particularly good - writing is not my forte, but chatting endlessly is - so I will give it my best shot.

To start with here's a little introduction to me and why I started Live, Laugh, Create (LLC).

Taryn is sat on the beach smiling
The face behind Live Laugh Create

My name is Taryn. I was named after one of the girls in the band, Kid Kreole and the Coconuts from the 80s! So yes, I'm named after a coconut - but I love it and people do tend to remember me because of it. I live on the beautiful South Coast in between Poole and Bournemouth, which gives me lots of inspiration and therapy. My husband Matt and I are busy parents of three little monkeys; Poppy, Buzz, and Jasper - and spend as much time as we can either down the beach or in the forest as a family.

I always knew that I wanted to do something creative and spent my entire childhood trying any craft that came within my reach. I chopped and changed my ideas of what I would like to do from illustrator, working for Disney, set designer, and vet (until I realised I can't cope with blood). As I wasn't sure what I wanted to do I opted to complete the equivalent of the first year of university at college, gaining my BTEC in Graphic Design.

From there I gained a Junior Graphic Design role with a marketing agency in Verwood... and the rest is history. I have worked for a variety of companies as a graphic or web designer over the years, both in specialist agencies and as an in-house designer, learning as I go and gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Live Laugh Create started as a collaborative blog with my cousin and a friend at the time, where we would upload things we have done from sewing, crochet, upcycles, and anything else we could think of. We ended up running out of steam and got caught up with our day to day lives.

I still had the domain so when I started doing bits and pieces of design for friends and family, I took it on as my company name and it's grown from there. LLC sums up everything that I do in life and helps to keep me grounded. Since I founded Live Laugh Create in 2013 I have worked with clients spanning all kinds of occasions and professions - the variety of life and work is what I love most!

So what will I be writing about - in short, everything. I hope to include articles about:

- Top Tips - Hows, Whats, Whys, Whens, etc

- Client Case Studies - Real Life Weddings, Corporate Design

- Supplier Features - Recommended suppliers

- New Collection Features / Etsy Updates

- Mood Boards/Inspiration Boards

So that's it, the first blog done! If there is anything you would like to be to include or any questions please don't hesitate to drop me a quick message or comment

Thank you for reading and well done if you made it to the end of this waffle!


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