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Friday Focus : Buddy And Noo

I know I'm not alone when I say that after having children I completely lost my sense of self - my style, shape and just plain practical requirements had changed, plus being on maternity leave I had very little funds to spare. I have always hated shopping for clothes as the things that I like never seemed to look right on me - like I've said before I'm not a girly girl that is good at this stuff, I would just buy what I think looked okay-ish and never really felt comfortable.

After meeting Alice when our daughters started school together we hit it off right away, even though I was completely intimated by this confident and stylish woman. She would give me tips and ideas during our random conversations, but after we both had our youngest children Alice suggest a charity shop rummage. I was up for it but a bit hesitant based on my previous shopping trips and as I've only ever bought houseware or kids clothes from charity shops - I tend to stick to eBay or Vinted for me.

After chatting about what I felt was missing from my wardrobe and what I do/don't like about my new mum of three body, Alice started pulling things from the rails explaining what elements would work for me, how it could be styled and what I thought about it. She boosted my confidence so much that day and I have completely changed my mindset when I'm shopping for clothes for me - I am not wasting money on clothes that sit in a wardrobe unworn and I'm buying more second hand than I have previously. I cannot recommend Alice highly enough and think everyone could benefit from her experience, time and laughter.

A bit about Alice at Buddy And Noo

I know very the well the feeling of looking in your wardrobe, feeling completely uninspired and having the sense that your lost identity is there but not necessarily having the money, know how or the energy to do anything about it! Thats why I am offering my friendly, approachable and affordable services to help you navigate any style blocks.

My family and friends are a constant wheel of inspiration to me but my drive and passion comes from working with people, exploring how their style can represent and inspire them day to day. I am also a preloved fanatic and charity shop fiend who is more than happy to share my secrets and tricks for finding great pieces. A bonus of my previous retail career is the wealth of knowledge I have of the high street shops and brands plus some insider styling hacks which I would be happy to discuss more over a coffee (or two!) All of my advice is aimed to help you discover your own style through some savvy wardrobe editing and shopping.

Top Tip

My top tip for anyone who is thinking about editing or having a good clear out of their wardrobe in the new year is make a plan! Don’t just go through ripping things out and throwing in a pile condemned to the charity shop or re-sell without first having at first a clear idea of what it is you are trying to achieve from this clear out, Such as ‘I have too many clothes but still nothing to wear’.

Ok, so what do you wear – take those items out, lay them on the bed or floor and understand why you wear them. Do they fit better? Certain style or shape that you are comfortable with? Are they all a certain colour? Once you understand that then you can look for other items in your wardrobe that serve a similar purpose or will work with those items you wear the most and may create a new outfit.

My Top 3 Items you should have in your wardrobe.

1) A good basic shirt A simple shirt can go with anything for any occasion! A fancy sequinned skirt and boots for dinner with the girls or your favourite jeans and trainers for a day out with the kids to name a few. Always stylish, never dates and if you get one that fits your shape super flattering!

2) A statement scarf Now my print of choice is leopard but for you it could be checked, floral, striped, paisley – I could go on! A print you love and are comfortable in and that can add some pop of interest to an otherwise relatively plain and subdued outfit.

3) A black blazer A good fitting, decent length and fabric quality are paramount to a Blazer that will last in your wardrobe and never look dated. You pretty much always find one on the high street or an absolute cracker in your local charity shop if you’re lucky and they will be suitable for pretty much any occasion you need.

If you are coming to the end of 2020 feeling like you need a quick boost or more of an in depth style and wardrobe review then one of my personal styling packages could be what you need. Or could be a gift for someone who simply cannot justify spending money on themselves even for something they would love to do.

Visit for more information or contact me through my facebook page.


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