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Case Study : Shake & Stir Festival

The Shake & Stir Festival is one of the UK's biggest celebrations of all things vintage, based just outside of Bournemouth. The festival normally takes place during the last weekend in June, spanning Southbourne's high street and Fishermans' Walk, leading down to the beautiful sandy beach. Featuring a wide collection of local artisan traders, caterers and entertainment, it attracts visitors from all over the country.

A couple of years ago I started working with Mandy and the events team behind the festival, on the branding and marketing materials for the festival. This has included items for the main festival as well as its side events Santa Baby & the Sponsor Evenings. From Posters and Leaflets to Tickets and Programs, each year a new design is created to represent a different era and style.

Words from Shake & Stir

Contrary to popular belief, a designer cannot read your mind. Without clear direction, designers are in the dark about your vision, and your final design will suffer. With Taryn at Live Laugh Create I actually do think that she can read my mind because her interpretation and delivery is almost always spot on to what I was trying to convey when it comes to brand imagery and marketing imagery.

To any busines owner this is a joy as we are not the experts in the design field, we merely have an idea, a feel of what we want but have difficulty conveying what we mean. As well as this it also takes time which is a valuable commodity for all of us whether we are the client or the business owner.

Just like going to a style consultant, where they look at the colours that suit your complexion and lifestyle, so Taryn does the same with your business and your projects. She takes the time to find out what you really need to deliver and convey the message, the look and the feel of the work for the project that you are trying to achieve.

I cannot recommend Live Laugh Create highly enough. As an event organiser I need the complete kit – the new brand imagery, the style, the font, the imagination that will give me the right look for my marketing tools of website, posters, banners, leaflets etc that will bring in sales and footfall. Taryn has delivered this for me time and time again.

Mandy Polkey, MD Stir Events


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