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Beach at Sunset

about & ethics

I'm Taryn - Designer. Crafter. Wife. Mother. Lover of all things creative.
Born and raised on the beautiful south coast, I have always been creative - trying every type of craft or creative outlet I could. After completing my A-levels I was unsure whether university was for me, so instead, I opted to complete a BTec National Diploma in Graphic Design at college. At the end of the course, I was offered a Junior Graphic Design role with a Dorset-based design agency working with the likes of Pampurred Pets, Manitou, and Euronics. I have been designing ever since, learning and developing as I go.

Fast forward 10 or so years and, as our friends started planning weddings and starting their own companies, I began creating various stationery for each of them including logos, business cards, invitations, and websites. I loved it and Live Laugh Create was born! I have slowly built my client base, predominantly from recommendations and the feedback I have received from customers friends and family has been amazing. In 2022 I took the plunge to make my passion my full-time role. With it came a new name for a new era - Pumpkin and the Tribe.


A change is a step in the right direction, no matter now small.
I have never felt more at home than in the forest or at the beach - the later especially so. There is nothing that sand, salt and sea air can't fix. It is so heartbreaking when people just want to enjoy the their surroundings without taking care of them and don't care enough to take any responsibility.

Ever since I can remember I have been eco-conscious - although as a child, I just thought I was a womble despite not living in Wimbledon. I have always recycled, reused and grown my own - but when 2020 happened and weddings fell into a black hole, I took some time to refocus and look at different ways to make stationery more sustainable without losing the quality or design. This has become the message at the core of my business - encouraging people to make a simple swap from a mass produced item to an eco-friendly version from a small business. This helps to reduce the footprint left on the planet, support an independent business doing something they love and, most the the time, not spend anymore than you would normally.

I believe that if we can get everyone to make small changes this will have a huge impact on our planet. If you can do more then that's amazing, but by making it easy and cost-effective, more will do it. Not only that but it will adjust their mindset and making larger changes will be less daunting.

what cawe do...

This goes a lot further than just separating the rubbish in your bins. You can:

- repurpose items for a new use
- buy second hand

- shop with brands that have a recycle scheme on their products and packaging such as Lush

- upcycle old items

- hand down old items of clothes or toys 

Shopping with small independent businesses can provide so much more choice and better quality items. You can also find a wide variety of businesses selling recycled and sustainable products on platforms such as etsy.


The best bit of course, is that you are supporting someone's dream.

Everyone can make sustainable easy swaps without majorly impacting their current lifestyle. For example, try shampoo bars, paper tape, bamboo toothbrush, reusable bin liners, wooden toys,
dissolvable cleaners,
eco dishwasher tablets, washable nappies, using a clothes line instead of a tumble drier and so many more!

Other than shopping locally there are loads of things you can do. Why not join in with a local beach, park or street clean? Or get involved with community events? How about car share with friends or family for the school or work commute? Or why not start a community project such as bee keeping, vegetable growing or tree planting?





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